Curse of the Crimson Throne

Chapter One: Edge of Anarchy

Part One: Haunted Fortunes

2010/11/30: Session 1:
- All members of the party make their way to a house and we all meet. We exchanged background stories.
- We were all given a fortune telling card and we have all been summoned to this residence.
- We arrived and were there alone for a short while. The owner showed up and filled us in on her background and how the main villain Gaedren had murdered her son. She supplies us with the information necessary to find him and capture him. Zellara fills us in on Gaedren’s criminal organization and its’ structure. He kidnaps children and turns them into pickpockets.
- By her words, we can find this Gaedren at pier 17.
- She describes us by the cards she gave us, then has us draw one more card each. I draw the Avalanche card.
- After our fortune is told, we venture off towards the docks of Pier17. I stopped and picked up a couple of daggers on the way to the infamous fishery. According to Theren the Fishery is quite the disgusting place. We arrive and sure enough the place doesn’t disappoint.
- I don’t know about this bunch, they decide to pick the lock on the front door of this place. Upon inspection of the boardwalk on the side of the building we notice that it is likely a treacherous walkway. We enter through the front door; wearing armour is not conducive to being a good swimmer.
- A dog barks and is quickly dispatched by Theren with a well thrown dagger. Peth the goliath is attacked by 3 whimpering children. Peth knocks one clear across the room into a wall. The child falls unconscious. A bottle of acid explodes all over my companions as we penetrate the building. My first attack with my bow is rather impotent and strikes the wall at the far side of the building.
- Kordek hits with a decent swing of his hammer and turns to stone! What on earth have I gotten myself into! Peth knocks two more children down and moves closer to Kordek who is now swinging his hammer by the tips of his fingers. Some gnome that I didn’t see materializes in the doorway on my left. He shoots a crossbow bolt Peth. Theren shoots a hand crossbow and the bolt misses this gnome. It’s time to put the bow away and finally do something.
- The villain that Kordek was fighting with runs away. We pursue and beat on him a little more. I tackle him down and hogtie him. We interrogate him as to the whereabouts of Gaedren. Theren finishes him off with a bolt to the head. We finish searching the fishery and continue on our way. There will be no mercy for the wicked!
- On our way to the barge, the girth of the goliath collapses the dock in front of me. Peth and Kordek go for a swim. With lightning reflexes I whip out my rope and toss it in the water for them to pull themselves out of the water. A pair of sharks attack my companions right away. They chew up Peth pretty badly. Peth and Kordek somehow manage to pull themselves out. Peth is in bad shape, but the danger posed by the sharks has passed.
- I use my grappling hook and rope to help us climb aboard the decrepit barge. We gain the deck and survey the surroundings. (end session 1).

2010/12/14 Session 2;
We open the door to go below decks. Peth and I fire up 2 sun rods and the light rousts 4 sturges and a couple of centipede swarms. We engage these creepy crawlies and make swift work of them. Theren finds a shiny weapon in the piles of refuse in the hold. We open the side doors to the hold and walk along the lower dock to a set of doors. I open the door and what greets my eyes is the dastardly Gaedren along with one of his underlings torturing a child. Somehow I’m not surprised and we exchange verbal jibes. Peth threatens to render him incapable of anal retention. Gaedren refers to his helper as Giggles, that illicits more taunting from us. Kordek rushes in and attacks Gaedren. Theren tries to save the child and gets hauled into water by a croc for his efforts. Peth leaps into battle and savagely slashes Gaedren leaving him realing from a viscious wound. Giggles fires off an arrow or two and hits me with one… the prick. I save the child and leap into the water to save Theren. Kordek and Peth take out Gaedren in short order, but not before taking some damage from his ripostes. Attacking to croc under water is difficult and I manage to hit it once causing a serious wound. I notice that it is bleeding from a previous wound Theren must have inflicted. The croc finishes off Theren and lets his body float to the bottom. It attacks me several times, but misses. The rest of the party joins the battle, they must have dispatched Gaedren and Giggles the gay orc. With Kordek occupying the croc, I give Theren some badly needed first aid. He quickly regains consciousness and attacks the croc and kills it. Wow, we won with relative ease. Peth and Kordek have suffered greatly for their efforts. We search the fishery and find a shiny broadsword. We leave the place ablaze finishing off our common quest.
Working our way back to Zolara’s Fortune telling shop we see that the city is in complete revolt. We run into a mob of citizens about to murder a noble in the middle of the street in front of Zolara’s shop. Unleashing my diplomatic skills I manage to get them to spare the noble. Peth intimidates the crap out of them and they move on to the castle. We get into shop and settle down for an extended rest.


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